When the route is finished, after a relaxing shower and a short break, you may continue this day visiting the Cherokee Rider bars.
You can use the Cherokee tickets that are included with the registration,
so you may enjoy the rest of the day with a comforting drink or anything you wish!
Casa Rateta
Avda. Comptes del Pallars, 28
Escalarre Rock Cafè
Av. Comtes del Pallars, 39
Bar Ja Vbeuràs
Avda. Comptes del Pallars, 33
Bar Pey
Avinguda dels Comtes de Pallars, 26
Cafè Pessets
Avinguda dels Comtes de Pallars, 29
Bar Lo Pont
Carretera de La Seu d’Urgell, s/n
Bar el Coyote
Avinguda dels Comtes de Pallars, 23

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